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Fashloop Ambassador


Social Network Marketing-Advertising for fashion professionals
Keep up with all the fashion magazines, styles and professionals. Get your ads and fashion articles on this site……If you give me a call, I can set it up for you. (over 1 million hits per month)

Fashloop Presentation

Mckinley Pierre Productions

Events, furniture rental, TV sets, set design, TV production, commercials, video presentations, promotional videos, fashion show coverage, fashion videos, personal event videos, custom furniture, props…….. As a broker I can get you the best deals with this company.



Zija International


The number one most natural healthiest Holistic plant product source for all your essential Health & Wellness needs and lifelong requirements to stay Healthy, Wealthy & Youthful!! Endorsed by United Nations, World Health Organization, John Knox Medical & over 200 World Health Doctors & Nutritionists… for more details chk

NBC TV Inside Couture “Behind Fashion” TV show
Celebrity Fashionisto host

Miami South Beach)

A Fashion based Entertainment, Lifestyle and Luxury oriented TV show that provides Insight within the Fashion Arena by going behind the production scenes to interview, review and share the views of those professionals & Iconic figures who predicts, determine and help to make the Fashion Industry what it is. We assist to promote their products or services via Television Broadcast to a wide audience so they can share their Merchandise and/or Talents or unique Fashionisto skills with the World that watches and awaits…..If you need some fashion exposure, give me a ring!

IC Reel

View Of Luxury

View Of Luxury is a TV Show about luxury items. A hip and fast moving show with all the information that you need to buy, lease, or rent any items that are featured on the TV show. Not only do you see new luxury goods and services but you also get to buy and use them. We will set you up with vendors and sales people who can get you the items that you are interested in. If needed we will walk you thru the entire process.

View Of Luxury


Previous Partners

Partner/National Model/Talent Recruiter

Models Inc Talent

State of Tallahassee licensed TA# 947 High end Model/Talent agency
providing a training program and major bookings see and


TV host for a Miami based TV show  called “IALive TV” for music fashion and art.